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I am a senior software developer.

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I am interested in .NET programming (C#, VB), web programming (ASP.NET, Javascript) and GUI design.

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comment Pattern for vertical motion using technic lego
The gear racks were quite common on the early Technic cars with steering.
comment How make a 6x6 board rotate using LEGO technic parts?
@Joubarc: I was thinking of that too, but the OP said that "existing 2x2 lego part is not big enough", so I didn't suggest that.
comment Has anyone made LEGO fly?
+1 for bamboo copter as 100% Lego with true lift off.
comment How should I create a Heroica scale graveyard or crypt room?
@Joubarc: That's the spirit. Great idea for building fences in this answer. Using finished molded fence bricks takes the fun out of it. You could of course use a 1x1 without stud on the first one, and just have the last 3 part bit standing loose (don't breathe...)
comment What LEGO cases are available for phones?
@mcqwerty: and I agree. I changed the text around the link to express this...
comment Alternative (back of box) builds of 7822 Railway Station - is there an 'official' configuration where the track terminates at the station?
If no one comes up with anything here, you could write an email to LEGO directly and ask for the images. They might be able to help you: service.lego.com/en-us/contactus
comment What are the female parts called?
Interesting question. To help finding a good term, it would be useful with a good example to use this in a phrase. Do you have an example of use in a natural context?
comment What are the female parts called?
I think "slot" would be more descriptive of an open spot in a construction where a particular part fits.
comment What was the first set produced by The LEGO Group?
@Kramii: Godtfred Kirk Christiansen himself refered to the bricks with interlocking that was patented in 1958 as the "real" Lego brick (ref: 1958 timeline).
comment Are DUPLO blocks compatible with LEGO blocks in any way?
You are correct, but that fact does not prove that they fit together. As @Joe Wreschnig say in his answer, many "LEGO-compatible" bricks are not compatible with DUPLO, although they have the same volume (and "outer shape") as a LEGO brick.
comment Why doesn't LEGO bring back old series as they were “in the day”
This said, they also use some "old" parts in new sets. And I allways get a "nostalgic kick" when I see some old parts re-introduced in new sets.
comment Rebuilding the Millennium Falcon 7965 with unsorted bricks?
Lego is not a "one time build"-model. It's more like "build and enjoy, and after a wile destroy and use the bricks to build something else of your own imagination and after a while find the instructions of the original set and build it again, this time with the enhanced complexity of finding all the original pieces"-model. I'm afraid you just have to make the best out of it. With a big model like this, I understand your frustration, though - after a long building process...
comment What tool can get two 1x2 plates apart without damaging them?
Fingernails are great - I use it a lot, but fingernails tear easily, so I love your suggestion for using a guitar pick. +1