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I am a programmer in Washington, D.C., and native of New York City.

comment Why do official Lego sets sometimes use 1 large part when several would work just as well?
@Joubarc Maybe the 1x2x2 happened to be available to the designer in the right color, and the designer decided to include a couple for the sake of "getting the piece out there"? It's not really important to this set but I could see it being useful, and it's a fairly rare piece...
comment A piece with no place in Heartlake Stables
Oooh, I hadn't seen the new one. I like the introduction of the + peg; I always had to fish out a + rod for pushing those out.
comment Why does LEGO now use studless technic designs?
I distinctly remember the studless beams before 1998; I kind of always associated the studless look with Technic.