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comment Where can I get LEGO bricks to build a life size wall?
I would say that is one of the best places to buy bricks from.
comment Does the LEGO company actively follow or copy clone bricks?
Not certain what your question is concerned about. Are you talking about counterfeiters or about other brands like Megabloks and Kreo trying to get a piece of the pie?
comment LEGO Digital Designer is unable to connect to the Internet
Checked the application this evening and the issue is no longer occurring. It must have been an issue with their servers because I hadn't changed anything on my router or computer since I created this posting. In fact, I contacted LEGO customer service and they instructed me to change some firewall settings, but I knew that wasn't the issue because my other Apple Computer was working just fine. I am going to respond back to the LEGO customer service email and inform them that their error handling should be more informative, especially if it an issue with their servers.