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I love the beach, biking, martial arts, rock climping, camping, travel, playing, and anything else that's fun. And I occasionally work too when I run out of money to play with...(c:

My all-time favorite LEGO themes are castle, anchient history and fantasy. I also love the now retired DUPLO Castle line.

I'm a purist in general, however for my minifigs I also use custom pieces from amazing customizers like Brickforge, BrickArms, Little Armory, Arealight, BrickTW, etc. Life is short, customize it!..(c;

I also run a LEGO-related blog, http://TheBrickBlogger.com/ where I share pictures, tutorials, news, and all things I learn and discover about the LEGO hobby. Updated frequently, so come by for a visit!...(c:

comment Damage Boiling LEGO Bricks
You are very welcome! Glad I could help...(c:
comment Which LEGO boxes are compatible?
I see what you mean. Yeah, if the tubs were produced around the same time (you can check the date of production at Bricklink), you can safely assume they are compatible with the tubs that look similar in size and shape. If you still have doubts, I would suggest contacting the seller(s) who have them listed and ask them to make sure the tubs can nest together nicely. I don't know any other way to check. I have never seen a comprehensive list like that. Maybe it's time to make one. ;)
comment Colouring bricks with the sun
Gnubie, I have never tried re-dying an already dyed LEGO element - unless you count adding a second coat - which works fine. I don't see why it couldn't be done, but I suspect at some point there is going to be some build-up.