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Learned BASIC on a hand-me-down Texas Instruments computer in the 80's. Moved on to QBASIC, AppleScript (back when MacOS was called System/Finder), Batch Files, and had fun customizing as many games as would allow: Civilization (remember adding your own dialog with EDIT?) Doom, Duke Nukem, etc.

I started down the Borland Turbo C road, but changed course when I discovered you could change the background color in Netscape 1.0. Most of my projects since then have been web based. Wrote a little PHP, but had more fun as a Coldfusion 7 & 8 developer. I used a lot of JavaScript and CSS along the way.

Now, I generally write C# and T-SQL. I enjoy the ASP.NET MVC framework, but work on Windows Desktop apps when needed.