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I got into this hobby at around mid-2011. Ever since then, I've gotten lots of sets and joined many sites.

Well, that's the brief LEGO version. As for the writer's one:

Yeah, I'm a pretty avid writer and reader and am currently writing my first Sci-Fi novel, as well as a series of Horror/Thriller short stories ala Stephen King.

comment Are those bowls genuine LEGO pieces?
Really? I feel like the top is a bit too smooth, and there's a slight curve between the lip and the top and the lip to the bottom that kind of smooths it out. Plus, I find it slightly unlikely for designers to tamper with official bricks. But yeah, currently this is the most plausible answer, but I'll stick around for other opinions first.
comment Are those bowls genuine LEGO pieces?
Yes, my sister actually bought this set recently so I've got a good idea of how they look. However, that's doesn't quite answer the question...But yes, I admit they're quite similar.
comment What part is this grey keyhole shape and what set(s) is it from?
Also found in the Hobbit "Barrel Escape" set. In that set though, it's locked in place, so it can't be opened or closed magically like it's supposed to in the Harry Potter sets.
comment Minifig with multiple arms?
I could edit it to add pictures. What's the maximum, anyways?
comment Common, practical use for this piece
Well, what I still don't get is how is it used to store.
comment What is this yellow hinge piece named?
Yes, I believe that is it. Uncommon part, but still available in the current LDD lineup.
comment LEGO cleaning techniques and tools
The Brickblogger has two great articles about cleaning LEGO bricks. See thebrickblogger.com/2010/12/cleaning-dirty-lego and thebrickblogger.com/2010/12/cleaning-dusty-lego.