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I don't really smoke pipe, this is just for style.

Also I'm a Phd student in Number Theory. My current research revolves around Harmonic Analysis on p-adic groups, Automorphic Forms and Langlands Program.

comment Is there any application to keep an inventory of owned sets and pieces?
Maybe rebrickable.com is a what you're looking for.
comment What is piece 4211642 from 10179 - UCE Millenium Falcon?
The picture looks like the Technic Handle (bricklink.com/catalogItem.asp?P=424) even though it does not appear in the Peeron parts list.
comment Why aren't LEGO bricks cubic?
Thanks for your answer. Your explanation for the height of a plate is indeed quite convincing. I'm not sure I understand what you mean by studs fitting in the geometry though. Could you please elaborate ?
comment Do LEGO bricks float?
There are several other floating boat hulls (or small boat, inflatable boat, canoe...). Maybe it's worth mentioning that some of them are are in many pieces (peeron.com/cgi-bin/invcgis/…).