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I'm Dave, and I love Objective-C.

My Projects:

  • DDMathParser - a library for parsing NSString objects as mathematical expressions and evaluating them
  • CHCSVParser - a library for reading and writing CSV files
  • DDUnitConverter - a simple library for converting between units

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comment TTF font for Lego bricks
@AlainPannetier aha that makes sense. I'll google around some more.
comment What is the best way to preserve a LEGO model after it has been built?
I disagree with the duplication. The dupe is talking about unassembled bricks, and this question is clearly talking about completed models.
comment How versatile are the parts in a lego pirate ship set?
I have a mast and rigging from 6270: Forbidden Island, I haven't really found them to be all that useful otherwise. Of course, that could just be my lack of imagination... ;)
comment How should I go about selling $3k worth of unsorted LEGO sets?
As a side note, 10179 only goes for $2400 new-in-box. If it's used (as yours appears to be), it'll go for about half that, and even less if the minifigs are missing.
comment Lego-compatible suction cups?
AHA! I should've kept looking a little bit longer then. This is pretty much what I was looking for. Thanks! :)
comment Lego-compatible suction cups?
@PeterDC yep, that's exactly what I'm looking for! :)