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I'm a Ruby, Python, PHP, and Lua programmer. Most of my projects have been web-based collaboration sites to help my coworkers communicate and trade information more effectively, and lots of one-off utilities to shoehorn data into fussy systems. I'd love nothing more than to fulfill my goal of becoming a teacher (pay be damned!) and I'm working on my degree to do just that.

comment Why aren't LEGO bricks cubic?
Probably to simulate real bricks: each of their dimensions are a different length.
comment Is a N2 or CO2 paintball tank a viable power source for a LEGO pneumatic Engine?
Please take proper precautions! The on-tank regulator of the compressed air tanks used for paintball typically output close to 800 PSI (55 bar), and even "low-pressure" tanks output around 400 PSI (27 bar). You will absolutely need a secondary regulator to avoid creating LEGO shrapnel!