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By the way, the g is silent.

I'm a computational-neuroelectrophysiologist-by-training turned functional imaging researcher who loves to use MATLAB at work as well as for my hobby (designing video games). I've used MATLAB and C for almost 15 years, and I'm also familiar with IDL, MPI, C++, and smatterings of Java and Ruby.

Some proposals on Area 51 that I'd like to see get off the ground:

Feel free to contact me here (fill in the blanks with g): _novice_ames@_mail.com

comment Which pre-2000 set had a mobile crane with lights?
@tombull89: You're right about the battery box. The first image I found made it hard to tell what the width of the truck was. I'll update with a better picture.
comment Minifig rotatable legs on a stick - what is this?
@tomash: Are you saying you found this part in a different set? I haven't yet been able to find any other set besides the two above that had a part like this.
comment Of what fell beast did this olive drab carcass come?
@RedriderX: Just be sure not to fill in any missing pieces with frog pieces when you revive it. Jurassic Park shows us it could have unintended consequences. ;)
comment What was the first set produced by The LEGO Group?
@Kramii: I never said the earlier bricks weren't compatible, but the official branding as "LEGO bricks" occurred, as you said, in 1953. Therefore, the sets I list above are the earliest I could find that could officially be called "LEGO bricks". The company made other building sets earlier, as you point out, but called them by a different name ("Automatic Binding Bricks").
comment Firmly connect bricks in a triangle
Can the two angled pieces be connected to one another? That would strengthen the overall structure.