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comment Guide me on how to use my Mindstorm RCX kit on OS X Mavericks
I struggled with backwards-compatibility with NQC myself. A couple months ago I made the switch to leJOS, so far its been great.
comment Ideas for large NXT projects
One interesting project would be to build a manufacturing process, e.g. use the 18 motors to automate the production of little Lego cars or planes. It's a big project though, I once started building a factory to assemble little Lego planes with the Lego sets from a summer camp I was working at, but the kids started complaining that I was using up all the pieces :)
comment Factories that could make off-patent bricks?
I think it's worth taking Mega Bloks into consideration here. Although "compatible with Lego" is a bit of a stretch, they are indeed a cheaper Lego brick but with astoundingly low quality. If you're looking for cheap bricks for students to learn structural techniques from, I'd give them Mega Bloks (along with a rubber mallet, so they can tap together the defective blocks that refuse to fit together).
comment Is it possible to build simple logic gates with LEGO mechanics?
Thanks for the link to my blog! By the way, you have my permission to use my images. I'm not really into the whole copyright thing so feel free to use them. Credit would be nice :)