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Top new questions this week:

How to run Power Functions LEDs from a 12v supply?

I am considering building a train that uses a 12v motor from the 1980s and Power Functions LED lighting. For this to work it would be necessary to run the Power Functions LED set from one of the 12v ...

power-functions 12v  
user avatar asked by john_e Score of 6
user avatar answered by Michael Verschaeve Score of 4

Lego 21327: How do I attach the typewriter segment to the body?

Typewriter build step 312. Red arrows point to two upraised open connectors. What part of the segment snaps into them? If snapped to the rod outside of the two gray mid-rod spacer pieces (step 309), ...

building ideas  
user avatar asked by Ray Montgomery Score of 3
user avatar answered by zovits Score of 4

White bricks slightly different, real, fake or old?

These white bricks are slightly different, one of them has the copyright lego on the bottom and the other only has the ID number and some other numbers on the bottom, and the way light enters the ...

clone-brands colour  
user avatar asked by StarrySkies64 Score of 2
user avatar answered by jncraton Score of 0

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is considered the most valuable LEGO set?

Which Lego set is considered to be the most valuable set to own? I'm not talking about the most expensive set, and clearly it has to be out of production already, but when trying to collect complete ...

sets history investment  
user avatar asked by LarsTech Score of 20
user avatar answered by mcqwerty Score of 9

LEGO Safety: Known risks and how to avoid them?

I run an after school program that teaches engineering to kids, mainly Kindergarten through 3rd grade (roughly ages 5 - 9). I'm trying to educate my coaches as to the known safety risks regarding ...

user avatar asked by ascendlyJJ Score of 16
user avatar answered by Joubarc Score of 14

Why was LEGO reluctant to use additional colours for regular bricks in former times?

Looking back to what LEGO offered in the 1980s and early 1990s (oh, those memories ...), it looks a lot like LEGO's colour palette had been limited to a small number of colours - unless I'm missing ...

history colour  
user avatar asked by O. R. Mapper Score of 38
user avatar answered by zovits Score of 49

Is it possible to buy a bulk of 1000s of basic bricks (mostly 2x4)?

Several years ago I remember being able to walk into toy shops and actually shovel lego bricks into a bag and thus buy them in bulk. Unfortunately I can't seem to find stores anymore that offer this ...

shopping pick-a-brick  
user avatar asked by Karlth Score of 15
user avatar answered by Zhaph - Ben Duguid Score of 12

In what ways are LEGO and Megabloks incompatible?

I know that the basic bricks of LEGO and Megabloks fit together, but was wondering if other elements do too. Such as: Plates Rods (Ones Minifigures can hold, not Technic) Right angle (such as Erling)...

clone-brands compatibility 3rd-party  
user avatar asked by Pubby Score of 28
user avatar answered by Zhaph - Ben Duguid Score of 22

Code for PID for EV3-g

I want to use PID for my Ev3. I used PID for NXT-G before, but I have never used EV3-G before and don't know how to get PID. Could someone please post a screen shot of the code or upload the file?

mindstorms ev3 ev3-g  
user avatar asked by J_W Score of 2
user avatar answered by dfrevert Score of 3

What is the total number of sets that LEGO has released?

I am wondering how many LEGO sets that LEGO has released in total in their 85+ years of business. To clarify I am only looking for sets that use plastic blocks like the ones we have today, not the ...

sets lego-group  
user avatar asked by William V. Score of 7
user avatar answered by Alex Score of 12
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