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Top new questions this week:

Why doesn’t part 30099 fit into the System?

Part 30099 - Brick Arch 1x5x4 Inverted doesn’t seem to fit into the LEGO system. I cannot find a part that fits on the bottom stud and provides continuity to the concave slope of the arch. A tile is ...

piece-information compatibility piece-usage system  
asked by Phil B. 6 votes
answered by Alex 6 votes

Does anyone know what set this is?

I have recently re-discovered Lego and was looking through my son's old sets. In a box I found this partially assembled "Bug". I don't have the instructions nor the original box so I am unsure what ...

asked by Carter 3 votes
answered by Michael Verschaeve 5 votes

What is the total number of sets that LEGO has released?

I am wondering how many LEGO sets that LEGO has released in total in their 85+ years of business. To clarify I am only looking for sets that use plastic blocks like the ones we have today, not the ...

sets lego-group  
asked by William V. 3 votes
answered by Alex 7 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What tool can get two 1x2 plates apart without damaging them?

Teeth and pliers tend to leave unsightly marks on the bricks. Fingernails don't work too well. What tool do you recommend to separate them?

tools disassembly  
asked by Friend Of George 36 votes
answered by tombull89 49 votes

Where can I find a list of all LEGO sets ever released

Can I get a full list of every set LEGO has ever come out with?

asked by charity 15 votes
answered by mcqwerty 11 votes

Lego Mindstorms RCX RIS 2.0 IR tower Windows 7 / XP driver

So I've recently dug up my old Lego Mindstorms RIS 2.0 (RCX) and have spent the past few days trying to install it into my Windows 7 laptop. It worked fine, except it could not find the correct ...

mindstorms rcx  
asked by Daniel 7 votes
answered by mcqwerty 7 votes

How do I print images onto minifig body parts?

I have seen a few custom minifigures out there with images on certain body parts never produced by LEGO. What is the best way to achieve this? I have heard of some people printing out the image on ...

minifigures customization  
asked by HaydenStudios 31 votes
answered by pcantin 24 votes

Is there a reliable way to determine what minifigure is in a LEGO Minifigures series package?

I would love to have one of each minifigure from the various LEGO Minifigure series. Unfortunately, as you receive a random minifigure in each package, this is more difficult than it should be. I ...

minifigures shopping collectable-minifigures  
asked by Jason Berkan 22 votes
answered by retracile 18 votes

How can I create a simple steering mechanism for a car?

Just curious about this. How can I create a simple steering mechanism for a car? Either motorized or non-motorized solutions are fine; just not overly complex.

building vehicle steering  
asked by daviesgeek 11 votes
answered by Pubby 19 votes

How much does a LEGO brick weigh?

I am trying to do a science project and I need the exact weight of one of the LEGO pieces. I am using it as a counter balance on my scale. What is the weight of a 1x4 LEGO brick?

piece-information weight  
asked by w c 16 votes
answered by Ambo100 20 votes
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