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Top new questions this week:

Are all of these police minifigs from LEGO?

While I'm glad LEGO is taking a principled stand on recent events, I've seen this set of police minifigs circulating on social media portraying the evolution of LEGO Police through time: I don't ...

part-identification set-identification minifigure-identification  
asked by chicks 13 votes
answered by jncraton 20 votes

Pirates of Barracuda Bay 21322 - Is there a way to get the ship pirating-worthy?

From what I have read, when you convert the island to a seaworthy ship, you are still left with the inn part, and no cannons on the ship. All the portholes are gone or converted to windows. Is there ...

building sets set-modification ideas  
asked by Mołot 9 votes
answered by zovits 11 votes

Anybody know what this piece is called?

This came from a little car, and I'm trying to build that car using LDD, but I can't find the piece. Can someone help?

asked by Tolly Zhang 6 votes
answered by mindstormsboi 15 votes

What is inside BuWizz 2.0?

I'm interested in Buwizz PCB and components. Can someone share good photos of the Buwizz PCB (both sides)? It will be very cool to see Buwizz 2.0 but older versions will also be good.

clone-brands electronics  
asked by Aloyan Dmitry 5 votes
answered by jncraton 7 votes

Distance Learning Mindstorms web-based software

I am a Technology education teacher from NJ and I use Lego Mindstorms for my 8th-grade robotics class. Since we are doing distance learning (teaching from home) my students have not been able to ...

ev3 mindstorms  
asked by Ryan 3 votes
answered by mindstormsboi 0 votes

Are LEGO Quatro compatible with larger bricks? Soft Bricks or other?

There is a nice discussion here on LEGO+Duplo+Quatro compatibility. I posted what I found here where a LEGO storage block is the right dimension to be double a Quatro (4x Duplo, 8x normal). However, ...

compatibility duplo  
asked by Special Ed 3 votes

Lego Pneumatic Engine: Possible Damage from Baking Soda and Vinegar?

I have a question on Chemistry.SE about secondary reactions producing something other than CO2, and from a bit of discussion there, the answer seems to be that there aren't any, but some of the ...

asked by AaronD 2 votes
answered by zovits 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Mindstorms EV3 PC application won't load

Installed Mindstorms EV3 application on MS Windows 7 Home Premium v6.1 (Build 7601: Service Pack 1) and I keep getting the same error message when launching. A white window pops up with the ...

asked by patter88 5 votes
answered by LazyDave76 3 votes

Where can I download the software for old RCX-era Mindstorms sets?

These days I've been coming across a lot of people who've purchased used MINDSTORMS sets from the RCX era, only to find they didn't come with a CD. And in order to use the set, assuming that using an ...

software rcx  
asked by HaydenStudios 6 votes
answered by zovits 5 votes

Which LEGO Technic sets include instructions to add the Power Functions accessory box?

Some LEGO Technic sets apparently come with instructions to add a motor, using the pieces from the Power Function Accessory Box (set 8293). Is there a list of the sets which do contain such ...

technic sets power-functions  
asked by murrayc 11 votes
answered by tombull89 5 votes

How to speed up the 4x4 Crawler truck 9398?

Just finished building the 4x4 Crawler and it was a fun build but as a remote control car it is . . . in a word . . . SLOW! I know it's powerful and can climb over stuff but sometimes there is nothing ...

technic motors set-modification  
asked by tooshel 17 votes
answered by Móż 7 votes

Code for PID for EV3-g

I want to use PID for my Ev3. I used PID for NXT-G before, but I have never used EV3-G before and don't know how to get PID. Could someone please post a screen shot of the code or upload the file?

mindstorms ev3 ev3-g  
asked by J_W 2 votes
answered by dfrevert 3 votes

Is this assembly legal?

This question might be strongly opinion-based, but I also think it might be interesting. I know there is a guide for Lego builders to decide if their build is legal or not. However, the cases of this ...

asked by BalazsToth 7 votes
answered by zovits 12 votes

What minifigure is this?

Please help identify which minifigure this is. My son wants to know which set it has come from. Can someone help us?

minifigures minifigure-identification  
asked by Susannah Brooks 7 votes
answered by Rin Rio-Oki 14 votes
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