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Top new questions this week:

Help identify this Lego set - light blues, browns, and dark purples

I got a mixed set and have worked through them but have a couple I can't identify: (click to enlarge images)

asked by ian ruffell 6 votes
answered by Fredric Shope 12 votes

Identify this T-shaped part

Seems to be used in making a differential gear box.

part-identification technic  
asked by Vic 3 votes
answered by user18321 6 votes

Help identify minifig Pharaoh-like headdress

Recently found this minifig headdress in a bag with mixed Lego and analogs. Not sure if it belongs to Lego, but quality is great and it perfectly fits minifigure head. The sets in bag was belong to ...

asked by Ivan Antsiferov 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What are the size of Lego Technic Parts?

I'm creating a LEGO Mindstorms catalogue for a school project. I measured the LEGO parts and I made an average size. My goal is to create new parts with a Rapid prototyping machine and I wanted to ...

technic customization size  
asked by Brookline 4 votes
answered by Ambo100 4 votes

I'm looking for a good LEGO Modeling Program

I've seen people use those programs that model out your own LEGO design so you and others can see how it would look. Can I get a list of a few? Free and safe are preferable. Thanks!

building software  
asked by TacoMageCat 5 votes
answered by Eric Galluzzo 9 votes

What can this curved brick with square holes be used for?

I recently came across this piece: What piece is it, and how can it be used?

part-identification piece-usage activity-support  
asked by jncraton 10 votes
answered by jncraton 18 votes

How is the curved top of the WWII Aid station tent made?

How did they make the curved top of the tent in the WWII Aid station?

part-identification design  
asked by Monte Gardner 12 votes
answered by Alex 17 votes

Alternative to LEGO CONTROL+ app

My son just received the Liebherr R 9800 excavator 42100 LEGO set. It would seem the Control+ app that is recommended for it simply won't work. It doesn't even connect to the blocks. What are the ...

technic remote-control powered-up control-plus  
asked by Jeffrey 10 votes
answered by Alex 11 votes

Is it possible to buy a bulk of 1000s of basic bricks (mostly 2x4)?

Several years ago I remember being able to walk into toy shops and actually shovel lego bricks into a bag and thus buy them in bulk. Unfortunately I can't seem to find stores anymore that offer this ...

shopping pick-a-brick  
asked by Karlth 15 votes
answered by Zhaph - Ben Duguid 12 votes

Starting a wholesale LEGO business

I would like to start a company trading in bulk LEGO. I have been told, however, that trading in volume is quite difficult and good discounts are only really given to the likes of Walmart and other ...

shopping investment  
asked by user4278 9 votes
answered by TheBrickBlogger 9 votes
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