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Top new questions this week:

Can all LEGO Loco characters be recreated in real life?

The 1998 game LEGO Loco features a plethora of Minifigs that roam around the city: Can all these characters be recreated with real minifig parts?

minifigures video-games  
user avatar asked by MMM Score of 20
user avatar answered by Matthew Jensen Score of 25

Accessing an EV3 brick on computer without MINDSTORMS Home

I am trying to hack my EV3, and I know I can make it execute commands I send via USB thanks to the communication developer kit. When I connect it via USB, it is only visible by the MINSTORMS Home app ...

ev3 programming compatibility  
user avatar asked by Oxymore-coder Score of 3
user avatar answered by David Lechner Score of 3

LEGO sealed Bag 3 number 404R8 - lots of light greys

I have a sealed LEGO bag number 3. It has a lot of common gray pieces and tan pieces. Any help with where the pieces go to.

user avatar asked by Christian Valle Score of 2
user avatar answered by RSchulz Score of 4

Brick ID on the Mega Bloks - round building in 2 parts with door and window

please help with ID on the following parts. Would like to know set and eventually instructions. The Door has AM17450 on it and looks like Pego or something similar Copyright inside on yellow. Would ...

part-identification set-identification clone-brands  
user avatar asked by Ian Score of 1
user avatar answered by RSchulz Score of 2

Which original LEGO videogames had sets based on them?

Which original LEGO videogames have related sets that were either included with the game or were introduced alongside it?

user avatar asked by MMM Score of 1
user avatar answered by MMM Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Starting a wholesale LEGO business

I would like to start a company trading in bulk LEGO. I have been told, however, that trading in volume is quite difficult and good discounts are only really given to the likes of Walmart and other ...

shopping investment  
user avatar asked by user4278 Score of 10
user avatar answered by TheBrickBlogger Score of 10

Why are there extra pieces in my set?

I bought an advent calendar, with a minifig or part of a scene behind each door. Each piece is sealed in a plastic bag and needs to be assembled. Almost every bag has an extra piece in it. Is this ...

user avatar asked by NiceOrc Score of 42
user avatar answered by Kramii Score of 45

How can I create a simple steering mechanism for a car?

Just curious about this. How can I create a simple steering mechanism for a car? Either motorized or non-motorized solutions are fine; just not overly complex.

building vehicle steering  
user avatar asked by daviesgeek Score of 11
user avatar answered by Pubby Score of 19

How much usage can a LEGO piece take before it loses its 'clutch power'?

In this article it's mentioned that one very important feature of the LEGO bricks are their 'clutch power' which is "the ability of its bricks to snap together tightly while also being easy to ...

plastics durability  
user avatar asked by pcantin Score of 148
user avatar answered by pcantin Score of 260

How do I identify a LEGO part?

Over the vast years of collecting bricks of various sizes and sets, I find that during my free builds I run low on a specific type of brick. How can I go about identifying what the brick is named and ...

piece-information part-identification  
user avatar asked by Marco Ceppi Score of 44
user avatar answered by Joubarc Score of 40

The LEGO Logo Font

I am looking for a font that matches as close as can be to the LEGO logo font in the picture bellow: It does not need to be outlined in yellow or in black, I can do that with my software. Also, it ...

user avatar asked by William V. Score of 4
user avatar answered by Mac Score of 5

Is it possible to buy a bulk of 1000s of basic bricks (mostly 2x4)?

Several years ago I remember being able to walk into toy shops and actually shovel lego bricks into a bag and thus buy them in bulk. Unfortunately I can't seem to find stores anymore that offer this ...

shopping pick-a-brick  
user avatar asked by Karlth Score of 15
user avatar answered by Zhaph - Ben Duguid Score of 12
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