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Feb 9 '21 at 18:15 comment added RSchulz I would like to explicitly express my appreciation of how my mistake was pointed out ever so politely and gently. Thanks!
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Feb 9 '21 at 14:46 comment added RSchulz As @mindstormsboi pointed out, it looks a lot like 60009. I fear if I delete this answer and re-answer, this related discussion will also disappear, so I'll just edit it.
Feb 9 '21 at 14:34 comment added Zhaph - Ben Duguid @nick012000 it's had a small bird and light added as well ;)
Feb 9 '21 at 10:53 comment added nick012000 @Zhaph-BenDuguid I think it might just be Helicopter Arrest with the "pier" broken off, and none of the vehicles or minifigs.
Feb 9 '21 at 10:09 comment added Zhaph - Ben Duguid As @mindstormsboi mentions, it looks like it's based very heavily on Helicopter Arrest, which does indeed include the multi-coloured treasure chest.
Feb 9 '21 at 6:13 comment added mindstormsboi Its a MOD of 60009 i think.
Feb 9 '21 at 3:13 comment added RSchulz I ignored the tiles because you never know if they are printed or stickered, and I've found BrickLink inventories which have some stickers in the Counterparts section, but not all stickers. And it just takes one designer who wants to bring back some old piece (like I read happened to the old lamp post) and suddenly it's in a dozen sets, so who knows if that will happen to the garage door pieces. They've been used in Friends sets as a shower door, if memory serves.
Feb 9 '21 at 1:06 comment added chicks The two parts you picked make totally good sense and prove your case. Just to add: I don't think that garage door or the tiles over the windows are in very many sets either.
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