6225521: Rail Accessory, No. 6 6225516: Rail Accessory, No. 2 6225519: Rail Accessory, No. 4

Are the new Duplo rail accessories, like #6225521 and #6225519 (appearing in, for example Duplo #10872: Train Bridge and Tracks; #10874: Steam Train; and #10875: Cargo Train) compatible with older Duplo trains (for example, #10507: My First Train Set and #10508: Deluxe Train Set)?


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Physically, these parts are compatible. They simply rest in between the rails. Various elements have made use of the space between the rails for years, such as points:

Duplo point

Older trains don't have any way to understand the function elements and respond accordingly, but they won't derail or anything like that.

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