I'm looking to ID 2 sets I had as a kid,

One was a rally car, it was white with a red base, the wheel centres were red. The driver I think was white upper, red or white lower and with a red helmet and white body with stripe from one side to the other of his upper body. I think the car roof had a sun roof, I think the windows and sun roof were blue tint?

The other was a yellow 4wd with a trailer, which I think had a blue motorbike. From memory the 4wd had a black base, the wheels possibly had white centres.

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I guess the second set you describe is 6677 Motocross racing (from 1986): enter image description here


Could the first car be the 6634 Stockcar?

enter image description here

The driver would be this, maybe the other sets he appeared in would help.

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