EV3 open first project no problem, but when I open second project it crash and exit. I tryed install EV3 software on Windows 10 (MS Surface laptop i7,16GB RAM), or on Windows 7 (Thinpad i5, 16GB RAM), remain the same. Please guide me how to fix it. Thank you very much.

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    You can look in the error log file located at: "<User Profile>AppData\Local\LEGO\MINDSTORMS EV3\crashreports". Maybe there are some useful information in it. But most likely, as MindS1 said, you need to re-create the project. – FDeitelhoff Aug 31 '18 at 6:44

If the same project crashes your software on multiple installations, the problem is the project file itself. Sometimes files get corrupted. Unfortunately the only real solution is to recreate your project.

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