I'd like to hack the receiver / motor so I can control it from my Mac (or a PC if there is no other way).

Recently LEGO released an app-controlled Batmobil - product detailed are here: https://shop.lego.com/en-US/App-Controlled-Batmobile-76112

The Bluetooth receiver (LEGO Part #6253628) can connect to an app, in our case, an iPhone. I tried to see if it was visible in the Bluetooth elements to connect to, and nope... I cannot also find any MAC address on the receiver itself.

Any hint or clue?

Edit #1

I am looking for a way to connect to the Bluetooth receiver and be able to program it in Python (or C/Java...), but not a GUI.


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There's a node.js library that can connect to the Move Hub and control attached peripherals:


This should allow you to write scripts and programs that can control the motor from your Mac.

  • This is pretty much what I was looking for. I have to see if I can connect to the BT this way as my Mac did not see it, which was the first issue. Thanks for the hint.
    – jgp
    Commented Sep 18, 2018 at 19:01
  • Good luck! Let us know how it goes.
    – jncraton
    Commented Sep 18, 2018 at 19:20
  • 1
    If having difficulty connecting, check that you are using ‘Bluetooth Low Energy’ to connect- if Your Mac isn’t using this protocol, you can get a dongle to use this. Commented Sep 23, 2018 at 22:03

Check out with nRF Connect app -> if you can find it with it, you can read services and characteristics of this lego peripheral and based on that control it. Good luck!

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