I’ve been searching online for quite some time to find this set number, name, and the instructions, but I’ve had no luck. I’ll be passing it on to a youngster in the family and after it’s promptly destroyed I was hoping to have the instructions for him. Thanks!

enter image description here

enter image description here

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I believe this is the set:


I searched on the vehicle roof piece, only 48 sets have it in white...

The instructions for this part of the set are pages 3 through 9 and are available on Peeron.

truck instructions

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enter image description here

Set Number: 6345.

Name: Aerial Acrobats.

Instructions: We have at least 3 options: Two options are for free digital. One option is a physical purchase.

  • Option 1. Here are free online digital instructions for this set.

enter image description here

  • Option 2. Skip over to YouTube and watch a speed build of this set. In settings, (gear icon), you can slow the playback speed of the video and easily glean an understanding of the build.

enter image description here

  • Option 3. It is possible to download and keep YT videos, but...if you still want to keep things traditional by wanting a physical hard copy for said youngster's future inheritance, then head on over to Bricklink, where for under $10 bucks, you should be able to purchase the actual instruction booklet for this set.

enter image description here


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