I somehow found out about Virtual Robotics Toolkit and when I did, I decided that it would be great software to use for Lego League. Later in my research, I found that it automatically had the newest tables.

Soon I was designing a robot and code for my team, but as soon as I tested it the virtual robot started driving off to one side. Even though it was doing this, the EV3 software said that it was at 0°. When I tested the same program in real life, the robot drove perfectly straight.

The virtual robot drives off to one side

You can download the source code here. (ORBIT3R-BOT.ev3)
You can download the robot model here. (ORBIT3R-BOT.lxf)
You can download the robot model here. (ORBIT3R-BOT.ldr)
You can download the VRT project here. (IntoOrbit)
You can download all the above (and more) here. (Robot)

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Try to reset angle on the gyro sensor. Click on the block and choose reset.

  • I have already tried that.
    – Gaming32
    Mar 20, 2019 at 0:52

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