Just got a new Mac with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion instead of burned old one. Now I can't install WeDo software since its installer doesn't support Lion. Google search suggests that LEGO released a patch to installer that solves this problem, but all links are broken. Any help in adapting WeDo software to Lion is appreciated.

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I believe this is the current location for the Lion Patch
MAC OS 10.7 (Lion) Installer Fix

In the interests of finding it again when the LEGO group change their site again:

  1. Visit the LEGO Education page.
  2. Navigate to "Pre-school and School" -> Secondary -> 11+ LEGO MINDSTORMS Education -> Downloads (or similar)
    Deep Menus
  3. I then filtered the list to just the Download Type of "Software Update / Patch".

The solution just lain on the surface! To install WeDo you should open Support folder in DMG image and DIRECTLY click on English or yourlanguage.mpkg to launch installation program.enter image description here

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