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I've bought a storage unit, and truly have no idea what these Mega Bloks are a part of.

There are two blue domes, two green domes, and a bunch of what looks like tracks/road pieces.

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Set Theme: Planetoids.

Set Name: LX-009 City.

Year: 1997.

enter image description here

enter image description here

BIG THANKS to Gnovice for the positive I.D. on the track piece, which proved it was at least from the MEGA BLOKS line, but just in a different color.

  • Color discrepancy note: I think the Original Poster's camera flash turned the darker purple color of the pieces into a blueish hue.
  • Nice! Guess I should have been looking here instead.
    – gnovice
    Commented Dec 20, 2018 at 19:20
  • Hey, you've been the greatest of Luck Dragons. Today you've given me two new places to look. Just when I thought I've reached the boundaries of Fantasia/ the Internet, you provide me with more. BIGGER THANKS! Commented Dec 20, 2018 at 19:33

Those track pieces appear to resemble in shape (if not in color) the track pieces in set 9801 Build & Race Speedway:

enter image description here

No idea about the "domes". Could they be lids to containers?

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