If and how can you install firmware 1.10E on an EV3 brick from an home/retail edition set (instead of an education set)? Updates 1.0E9 are only recognized from the Mindstorm software, also with Education Mindstorm software version.

I am very interested to build projects with makecode.mindstorms.com.


You can get the 1.10E firmware from the LEGO Education website. Currently, this can be done by clicking the Download Firmware button at the bottom of this page.

In the EV3 programming software, make sure you have a project open (e.g. create a new empty project), then click Tools > Update Firmware.

Click the Show Details button.

Firmware update dialog

Then click Browse and select the firmware file that you downloaded.

enter image description here

Make sure your EV3 is connected via USB and powered on, then click Update Firmware.

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  • For some people, however, the new version does not show up in the EV3 software, and I'm one of them. But I managed to find another way to download it. – mindstormsboi Apr 30 at 18:39

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