Over the holidays I tried the following Python library: https://github.com/undera/pylgbst but I couldn't get it to work. Then again my knowledge of Python is very limited.

I'm more experienced with C++ or C#, is anything available for those languages?

As a general question, do you know of any programming environments or API's that can control the LEGO move hub and its peripherals from the LEGO BOOST set ?


Not C but you might take a look at https://github.com/JorgePe/pyb00st


Boost and the other Powered Up components (the new City trains, the app-controlled batmobile, and WeDo 2.0) are controlled via Bluetooth. Any environment that can send bluetooth commands can be used to control these components.

There is a github page which documents some of the reverse-engineering that has been done and it links to several third-party Boost/PoweredUp programming libraries. I've used movehub, but there is another node.js library called node-poweredup which looks more complete.

Lego themselves have documented part of the BLE wireless protocol on github as well.


You can use Python with Lego Boost. https://github.com/undera/pylgbst

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