I'm pretty sure that serious Bionicle fans have all dealt with cracking of the joint socket pieces. However, is super-gluing the broken parts a solution? I'm worried that the joint socket won't be elastic enough for the joint piece to enter, or even that it might crack again. Please help


Super-glue!?! Nope, no super-gluing if LEGO has anything to say about it;) Hey, Gugira! This is probably a duplicate question, but if you contact LEGO directly, they will replace the part for FREE. Follow this older post for details. LAter!

  • Thank you for the suggestion, but I think that it is very ulikely they will replace parts of the set that is now a decade old (I'm speaking of 8994). Unfortunately I do not have credit card nor paypal either (I'm 16 years old) and can't buy online using their pick-a-brick service. Again thank you a lot :) – Gugira Jan 3 at 22:05

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