It's driving me crazy! I recently purchased legos from a local goodwill. It looks like there's several Star Wars sets from 2007-2008 that are missing lots of pieces. I was assuming this bag was from a Star Wars set, but I'menter image description here not seeing anything that resembles the yellow pieces.


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Indeed, this bag is not from a Star Wars set. It is from Exo-Force set 8117 Storm Lasher from 2007. This set contains both the 2 yellow pincer-like blades as well as the concave windscreen in trans-black, and many of the hinge pieces displayed in the left bottom corner of your picture.

enter image description here

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    Ahhh! Finally! I was looking up the exo force sets too, but i wasnt having any luck! I guess im missing way more pieces than i thought. Thank you so much!! – Amy R Jan 5 at 21:39

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