As my collection of bricks is growing, my storage space is limited and I'm increasingly interested in doing my own MOCs, I'm looking for a high density storage solution to keep my individual pieces organized efficiently without spending a fortune on it.

The most interesting solution I've found so far is the PapiMax storage box set. However, the price of £85.96 (about €95 or $140) just seems way too steep IMO for only 8 boxes.

Can anyone here recommend a storage system that is similar to the PapiMax storage box set in terms of efficiency but more affordable?

Note that I live in Belgium, so a storage system only sold in the US is probably not going to be an option, considering the huge shipping & import costs that go with shipping from the US to Europe.


Try "Iris storage drawer" on amazon.co.uk. They sell transparent drawers and boxes in several sizes. These (3 large drawers or 6 small drawers) cost about 30 pounds. They are similar to the system that Jangbricks in his LEGO parts tour is showing.

enter image description here enter image description here

  • Thanks for the tip. Someone at Reddit proposed the same storage system, and I found their 8-drawer system @ Blokker for 28.99 Euro... which definitely is affordable. I am a bit worried the trays are a bit big for small pieces, though... – John Slegers Jan 7 at 16:04

Very specific to your region (and mine):

The ALDI chain carries the following hobby sorting drawers from time to time (about once a year):

Aldi kleinteile magasin

They are very cheap, about 7 Euro for each type and they are VERY popular with AFOLs in Belgium and the Netherlands. Unfortunately it is hard to predict when ALDI offers these and they are often sold out immediately.

  • Thanks for the tip. It does look very suitable for small pieces, and I don't think a better price is possible. Too bad it's not only available so rarely :-( – John Slegers Jan 7 at 16:05

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