I have a small remote control like device with about 11 buttons. The centers of each button are placed about 1.1cm apart, and each are about 0.7cm in diameter (this means about 0.4cm between the edges).

For various reasons, I'd like to use LEGO Technic to build a mechanism that can press these buttons.

What is a basic approach I can use to build this?

I've only got a few Lego parts on hand to experiment, and not enough to do anything with, so it's mainly been a mental exercise. Before I go out to buy more, I'd really appreciate some direction in what I can do, so I know what to purchase.

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    Hi @tamsanh! A few questions to clarify: Are the buttons arranged in a grid, along a line or in a different pattern? Could you post a picture of this device? Are you looking for a mechanism to press any given button on demand (as in a LEGO remote for your non-LEGO remote) or rather program a sequence to press automatically? – zovits Jan 9 at 8:43

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