I had a Technic set when I was a teen, about 1997 (by looking at the wheels, see picture). From what I remember, it was a tank truck. In its tank it was carrying 3 C batteries. In the picture, you can see the tank closed above, opened in the middle and on the right, the numbers written on the parts. The number "1-01" (or "1 01") is on the tank's three parts. The other (4351) is only on one of the three parts. I'd like to know its set number so I could find its instructions.

You can see the tank closed above, opened in the middle and numbers written on the parts.

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This battery box had been produced in two variations: 4350c01 (without switch) and 4350c02 (with switch). It doesn't seem to appear in a set you describe.

This was probably two sets. The other set has been 8865 since it is the only set to have pictured wheel (part number 3739) in white.


Looking at that part and doing a little digging, could this be the set you were thinking of. it is not a Technic set as such, it is a much older set but it seems to be the only one with a tanker and that wheel in.

Basic Building Set Item No: 740-1 Year: 1985



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