I've had this odd little part laying around my desk for some time - does anyone know what it is? There's no Lego logo anywhere, and I've searched BrickLink somewhat comprehensively, so I'm guessing it's from a compatible set.

It's a modified 3x2 plate, but without a hole, and the red bottom part is sort of a rubbery, grippy substance. The "cover" is softer, non-ABS plastic, and can snap onto the plate either way.

I'm guessing it came from my wife's nephews in a whole pile of stuff they gave us - mostly Lego but there was some MegaBloks stuff mixed in too. Probably not from after 2000 at the very latest.

Top View Top View Cover Removed Bottom View Bottom View Cover Removed

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    Definitely not LEGO. Part with red insert seem to represent a brush. Do both pieces come apart easily? – Alex Jan 28 '19 at 21:47
  • The two pieces are not difficult to get apart - it's clear the one is supposed to be a "cover" for the red part of the other. The red stuff is a rubbery substance - like it was supposed to provide traction or something. – Justin C Ferguson Jan 29 '19 at 0:05
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    Is it not normal to close the newer question as a dup of the older one (granted the quality is about the same)? – David Dec 26 '19 at 15:40

So, the curiosity bug bit me again. The mysterious part appears to be a Kre-O "Motion Brick" which appeared in various sets. In my research I found that there is a variation (hollow vs. solid) in the studs, as shown in the picture.
enter image description here

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