Is there a way to know if the drive wheels are "straining", like when locked up with an opposing bot?

This is for a Lego sumo bot using the Lego Mindstorms Education EV3 Core Set (EV3 Large Motor 6009430 and Lego Mindstorms EV3 Home Edition)

The approach that should have worked is based on the difference between the "regulated motor" green block and "unregulated motor" blue block. The regulated motor retains a consistent speed, adjusting the power necessary to keep that speed. While the unregulated motor sends a constant power so the speed may change based on resistance.

There's a yellow block called "Motor Rotation" which has a setting to read something called the Motor's "Current Power". Instinctively, I figured that would tell me the power being sent to the motor, so if it was driving using the regulated drive block, I would expect to see a number that would go up when the motor encounters resistance and needs more power. (And the number would go down hypothetically if the bot was going down hill and needed less power to maintain speed).

But, in practice, the number returned from the read "Current Power" matched the speed number I sent to the regulated motor block, and when resistance was applied, the number went down. (I tested this by having the number displayed on the screen, the number displayed matched the "Current Power" number shown in the live "Port View" in the Mindstorms computer app, both went down when the wheel slowed).

Is there a way to read the real "Current Power"? Is there any other way to know when a motor is straining?

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