The one at the bottom that looks like a rocket head or a projectile tip.

  • I caanot identify this piece. Are you sure instructions are for LEGO set? What is the number of this set? – Alex Feb 21 at 10:25
  • it's not Lego, it's the Ausini Rifle bricker.info/osets/Ausini/P22002 – Giorgio Stangherlin Feb 21 at 10:28
  • What kind of information do you expect? As far as I know, the Ausini brand has no public parts database or identification schema like with the LEGO part IDs. Therefore I doubt anyone can tell you more than "the rifle cartridge piece". If you have the instruction manual or the box, you could check them to see if they have a complete inventory listing with numbers, but I wouldn't hold my breath. – zovits Feb 21 at 11:25
  • 2
    I hoped there was a corresponding Lego piece. No there is no inventory on the instructions. I'll have to ask to the seller to ship the piece. Thx anyway. – Giorgio Stangherlin Feb 21 at 11:51
  • Maybe they can put a Friends lipstick (part# 93094c01) inside a Technic pin stud (part# 4274) and pretend they're tracer rounds? LOL xD I mean... it might work? – JohnnyB Jul 7 at 8:50

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