I know a standard block is 9.6mm tall and a plate is 1/3 of that at 3.2mm. I found several blocks that are 4.8mm tall or 1/2. What are they called? Are they still made and where can I get some?

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    Do you have any pictures of those? – Henrik - stop hurting Monica Feb 21 at 22:01
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    Are they really LEGO bricks? (Can you see the LEGO marking on them, are they compatible with known LEGO bricks?) – zovits supports GoFundMonica Feb 22 at 15:19
  • I know there are some LEGO Technic parts that are half a stud tall, but they are not bricks. Is this what you are talking about? – technicguy1 Dec 8 at 2:25

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