There are many Technic cars with a pullback mechanism, like 42059, 42073 or 42072.

Is there any systematic, easy, documented or official way to replace the pullback mechanism with the LEGO Technic Power Functions Motor Set 8293?

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I dont't see how a standard way could exist. That would pretty much require a setup with a PF motor, gears, etc. having the same size and interface as the pullback motor, which according to bricklink (I don't think I have any) is 6x5x3. As far as I remember the only PF motor shorter than 6 studs (there has to be room for at least one gear) is the XL, but that's 5 studs wide.

For any given set, it's quite possible that you could find a solution, and even that the same solution would work for a lot of sets.


It isn't clear what do you mean by "replace with 8293 set". Just with a motor? While there isn't official way (instructions) of doing it I think it is possible to fit the M-motor included in 8293 set with few additional parts. However then there is a question of power. You need to attach battery box somehow. I see this as a bigger issue as there is no convenient place to attach it to.

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