I have noticed that LEGO sets from the past few years of their Star Wars theme include a prominent, or at least noticeable, Disney logo, typically in one of the corners. For example, see this Imperial AT Hauler set, with the trademark quasi-signature Disney logo in the lower right corner:

LEGO Imperial AT Hauler

On the other hand, Marvel Super Heroes sets (e.g. the Thanos: Ultimate Battle set below) do not seem to include a Disney logo, despite the fact that both Lucasfilm/Star Wars (since 2012) and Marvel Comics (since 2009) are owned by Disney.

LEGO Thanos: Ultimate Battle

Why is this? Is this primarily a result of different contractual clauses in the specific licensing agreements for Star Wars and Marvel (i.e. this is done for legal reasons), or is this primarily a marketing decision by LEGO? I could easily see how they might do this to make it seem less violent and more appealing to parents with small children - "No, son, Star Wars is a really violent series about a father and son that are always fighting and chop each others' hands off, then team up to throw a local politician down a pit - wait a minute, it's Disney? Ok then!", but then that doesn't explain why they wouldn't do the same with Marvel, which also has a lot of young fans.

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    This is a guess: It would be too much. Star Wars is just one subtitle, so there is space to put the owner's name (Disney) very small in one corner. With Marvel, you would have MARVEL, Super Heroes, Avengers AND Disney on the box. In 4 different prominent fonts! I think this is a design issue, not a legal issue. – Aziraphale Mar 4 at 20:30
  • It's more likely to be that the Marvel films are distributed by Marvel Studios (a wholly owned division of The Walt Disney company) whilst the Star Wars films are now distributed by Walt Disney Studios - so the Marvel sets already have the appropriate logo on them (Marvel). – Zhaph - Ben Duguid Mar 11 at 11:44

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