I ask myself often when buying Lego why the boxes are so much bigger than the space that is needed for the contained content. It seems a waste in terms of material and logistics. I do store the boxes and especially the bigger sets needs lot of space in my appartment. I would be happy to have them smaller.


The possible reasons include:

  • Surface area needed for legal info, practical requirements like barcodes, information, feature descriptions and artwork
  • Aspect ratio of the artwork means the boxes can't be too long and thin
  • Leaving space between the bricks so they don't get squished up against each other
  • Size of the instruction manual or sticker sheet
  • Psychological tool to increase the perceived value of the set
  • Larger boxes grab the attention of the consumer better
  • Larger packages are harder to steal

But the exact reason is likely a combination of some of the above ones and maybe some others, most probably in a top-secret ratio known only by LEGO.

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    For the psychological reason, I've heard LEGO employees say it was about bringing the perceived value on par with the perceived value of competing products. Apr 10 '19 at 6:14

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