A recent question regarding identifying a Jack Stone minifigure included this surprising picture of the back of the minifig.


I was totally amazed by this because I had never seen a minifig with a leg pattern like that on the back. Was this unique to this figure for some reason? What could you do with this that couldn't happen with normal minifig legs?


The LEGO 4 Juniors figures (also called Jack Stone figures) are significantly different from regular LEGO minifigures. They are much larger, and are not intended to be taken apart like regular LEGO minifigures. They are closer to the LEGO DUPLO figures in this regard with non-removable head, torso, arms, legs, etc.

Having said that, if you remove the head with a hobby knife (yes, you have to cut through the plastic), the rest of the body can be taken apart into smaller components. Take a look at the picture below to see what a disassembled Jack Stone figure looks like. Source: http://thebrickblogger.com/2011/02/lego-4-juniors-minifig-customization/

enter image description here

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