How do I convert a .ev3p file into a .ev3 project file? Everytime I click on the .ev3p file to open it, it just turns up as text in the notepad.

  • This sounds like a file association problem at your OS-level. How to fix this will change depending on whether you're on Windows, MacOS, etc. Renaming the file may fix it, but it depends on the associations that you have and those could change from PC to PC.
    – chicks
    Jun 10, 2019 at 21:16

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As mentioned by others, you can't convert the ev3p file to an ev3 file. However, you can put your ev3p file into a zip, then rename the extension to .ev3s After this, you can create a new project, and from the settings tab, import your ev3s file. The settings tab

Hope this helps!


Actually, you can't convert a .ev3p file into a .ev3 file. Based on this post and other ones here's what a .ev3p file really is:

When you unzip a .ev3 program, there are many txt and xml files that are inside. In particular, there is an xml file produced with the filename extension .ev3p, which contains program instructions that the EV3 brick can then interpret and execute.

So now we can conclude that a .ev3p file is only a certain part of the .ev3 file.

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