Different sources show different thickness for the wall. I've seen everywhere from 1.0mm to 1.8mm. I need to know with a high degree of confidence since I'm making an aluminium lego piece of a school assignment, so my wall thickness will be smaller. Because I only get to have one attempt, I can't try it with one piece and adjust the model for a second run.

The image below shows the dimension in question, with this drawing taken from another SE question, made by SE user Bartneck drawing of a lego brick Original source: https://bricks.stackexchange.com/a/11131

  • Hi Mark, the top-voted answer in the question this image came from gives the dimension of the wall of a 1x1 brick as 1.6mm, while the technical drawing this came from was actually in mm, so the wall thickness there is 1.2mm. Oct 24, 2019 at 9:37
  • 1
    Considering your very specific needs, you might want to get the actual brick you're going to duplicate and use calipers to measure it exactly
    – Joubarc
    Oct 24, 2019 at 10:11
  • The precision I need would need an anvil micrometer, which i don't have :(
    – inund8
    Oct 31, 2019 at 16:30

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According to this answer, a 1x1 brick has walls 1.6mm thick - this fits in with the base unit of 0.8mm that is used throughout all LEGO elements, as per pcantin's answer on the same question.

The 1x4 brick in the image you've included shows walls of 1.2mm, while a similar drawing on bartneck's site for the 1x4 Technic Brick with Holes shows a wall thickness of 1.5mm, which is closer to the expected 1.6mm. Curiously the Stud diameter is exactly as expected at 4.8mm.

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