What is the tallest LEGO single piece ever?


  • It must not necessarily be a purchasable block.
  • By tallest, I mean a piece preferably in its natural standing position, although also the lying longest pieces could go, provided their exceptionality fits the requirements...
  • No restrictions on the materials.

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No restrictions on the materials.

Well then, probably a component to the old wooden furniture LEGO used to produce, like these:

5003483 - 3-Seat Playtable Creative Play Station Center Pack Duplo

Or the similarly designed 4509g - 3-Seat Playtable, 5004063 - 3-Seat Playtable, or 5003468 - 3-Seat Playtable Creative Play Station Center Pack.

enter image description here

IF-LTW2C - Activity Table and Chair Set

enter image description here enter image description here

They did require some assembly, so I'm not sure if any parts stood up on their own, but you could probably balance a table leg for example.

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