I'm looking for pieces to make a TV transmitting news. I looked on Bricklink "News" sets but only found 2 existed. Does anyone know of any set that contains a news anchor on TV piece or sticker?

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There are a few that I'm aware of.

Here's one from the 7208 Fire Station:

Fire TV

And another from the 7288 Mobile Police Unit:

Police TV

This TV element from the 7639 Camper may also work for you:

Camper TV

These are all very affordable on Bricklink. Note that they are stickered parts. I'm not aware of printed parts with this pattern, but perhaps someone else here knows of some.

  • 10202pb009 may also be suitable. May 29, 2020 at 1:28

The trend I found on Bricklink is a news icon graphic with an image of a lined globe and the letters "TV". enter image description here

This is the earliest set that has multiple iconography with this Globe TV theme.
enter image description here

This theme evolves in later sets to TV 6+ News Channel/Station still sporting a lined Globe. enter image description here

Here is a set with this modification on that TV6 theme. enter image description here


Quick search for "tv" provides a list of 57 parts on Bricklink.

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