Please help me identify the set this part belongs to.

enter image description here

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This assembly consist of two parts. Well, technically, four parts, as there are two Technic 2L pins in Black, but these come in multiple sets so out of interest.

Top one in Orange is Flywheel Fairing Lion Shape with Gold and Blue Feathers Pattern (70102)

enter image description here

And the bottom one is Flywheel Plate 2 x 8 with Metal Flywheel and Dark Azure Tire (Chima Rip Cord Base)

enter image description here

Top part was available only in 70102, CHI Waterfall set. And the bottom one was included in 22 sets.

enter image description here

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    What an odd set, I thought it would be part of some exotic motorcycle but this is more obscure.
    – Mast
    Mar 15, 2020 at 13:05

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