I am wondering if this site is legit or no because I want to buy this LEGO set.

Here is the screenshot: enter image description here

You can see the URL in the image.


That's a scam. I was going to write reasons why it is so, but there are so much red flags all over this website, I don't know where to begin.. Even Chinese copy cost more.

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  • thanks a lot you saved me 50 euro – Fastafboiii Mar 24 at 16:22
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    Just look at the "reviews". Half of them aren't even about this set. Parts of the web-page are rip-offs of the official Lego site or link through to the original Lego sources. This has all the hallmarks of a rip-off site and the prices are just too good to be true. – Tonny Mar 24 at 16:36

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