Can somebody tell me what are these round heads and these strange cars? I bought these from a bazaar. The heads are round. There weren't any bodies, just heads. The cars are strange. Looks like from ninja. They look like they won't be LEGO.

enter image description here


These parts were used in large figures as a part of LEGO Knights Kingdom II sets.

"Strange cars" are actually torso/body piece used for these figures.

As an example Large Figure Torso KK with Santis Pattern - Series 1

enter image description here

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  • Thank you very much, I am feeling know stupid – Saule Urbo Mar 24 at 17:49
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    @SauleUrbo Don't feel stupid, nobody is expected to know about all the obscure themes LEGO has branched out across it's decades-long history. And I personally find your observation that the body pieces look like fancy Ninjago cars exemplarily creative :) – zovits Mar 25 at 7:46
  • I agreed with the probably-not-LEGO idea enough that I added the clone-brands tag to this question. I've since removed it since Alex has shown we both jumped to the wrong conclusion. Good times. – chicks Mar 26 at 13:32

There are also some Bionicle masks among the parts, e.g.

Bionicle Mask Kakama Nuva and a Bionicle Shoulder Armor

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  • Thank you for formatting, @Syberion! – rrww Mar 30 at 15:16

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