I have a similar problem to BricxCC not seeing Serial Tower in Windows 10 except I have a USB tower (not a serial one). I have spent hours on this and didn't manage to solve it. Tried installing it on Windows 10 following this guide: http://www.legoengineering.com/rcx-usb-tower-support/. I am trying to connect to a RCX2.0

Here are my 3 questions :

  1. Can USB tower work with Windows 10 64-bit version?
  2. How can I make sure my LEGO tower is getting the signal?
  3. Why am I still getting the same message "No connection to the programmable brick..." with the version '''bricxcc_setup_33810_20130220.exe''' which apparently solves the issue ?

Please help ! I'm about to give up ..


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