Well, I finally finished one of my projects. Is there a friendly place online where I can post a few pictures of it for people to see?

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    I don't agree with the close votes. The user should have shown what he (or she) has tried so far, but the answers are experience based and not neccessarily just opinion based (a reason for closing). The question seems to be not even a duplicate. It attracts attention, has been answered and up-voted. – Aziraphale Apr 21 '20 at 20:22

I have several places to offer for you to share your MOC.

Eurobricks - here we have a forum, split into several subforums based on the primary topic. Don't be afraid of "Euro" in its name - there are members from all over the world.

Flickr - photo hosting website, however there is still a strong LEGO community. You'd upload an image and add it to related LEGO groups for others to see. Having more followers makes it easier to be spotted by others.

Instagram - this doesn't need an introduction I hope. Posting your very first picture over there may not result in many likes. You need to invest time in getting followers.

Youtube - some people prefer making video of their creations rather than pictures.

Rebrickable - this website has multiple LEGO related uses. One of them allows you to share your MOC, but it needs to have a building instruction. So other people could also build your model and it is not just for show off.


As noted in the comment below, you can disregard this recommendation. It WAS a great place, but it was abandoned by the founder.

Might I also recommend MOC-Pages? I haven't been active for some time, but I still check it out from time to time. Posts are more like blog posts, with editable HTML. There are also groups and contests to explore.

  • As of now, MOC-Pages is dead. – mindstormsboi Dec 28 '20 at 15:59
  • Yeah...I just found out about this recently. If I had spent more time on it in the last couple of years, I would be even more sad than I am about it. – Purplemur Jan 11 at 20:53

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