Battery box on my LEGO train 60198 is flashing green and orange, then after few seconds it suddenly turns off itself.

I've tried resetting it by pushing the button on the train until it turns purple, but then straight away it starts flashing orange again. After that it turns off itself.

Please explain what is wrong with it.


LEGO guide shows the orange blinking appears when batteries are flat.

enter image description here.

Have you tried using fresh batteries in your train?

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  • Yes, all The batteries are new – user15039 Apr 3 at 18:57
  • I found following meaning for blinking colors: Purple: network has been erased (or hub is waiting for new firmware) Orange: low battery So purple means your controller and battery box are no longer paired and this doesn't effect your issue. However if you still see orange color blinking there seems to be low batteries somewhere (either controller or battery box/hub). I would suggest taking out ALL batteries from both controller as well as battery box/hub and changing to fresh batteries. Try not to mix and match different different brands. – Alex Apr 4 at 10:56

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