In this imgur post, one of the images is captioned "MODs and MOCs - Ocean Beach, Kingsman Tailor shop, Sanctum Santorum."

If a "MOC" is a "My Own Creation," what is (the most commonly used definition of) a "MOD"?

This thread on Eurobrick suggests that "MOD" could stand for "My Own Design" (which might or might not be different from "MOC"), or could just be a relatively minor "MODification" of an existing set.

I didn't see a consensus over there, and I don't see the question raised on StackExchange yet, so I thought I'd ask StackExchange. What's a MOD? And when would you use that term instead of "MOC"?

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It's MODification, "My Own Design" is silly. Also used quite extensively outside of the LEGO community, e.g. in gaming a MOD is altered game code you execute, either to cheat or to change graphics for fun.

So an existing set where you altered things to is a MOD.

A MOC is created from scratch.

  • I agree with this. Mods are likely easier to get started with. Altering an oceanic research vessel into a warship by taking out the laboratory equipment and adding cannons and missile launchers would be a mod. This is certainly a lot easier than making your own warship from scratch. Jan 10, 2022 at 16:20

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