So, I was just watching Lego Masters, and it's mentioned that the show's judge, Ryan "Brickman" McNaught, is one of fourteen Lego Certified Professionals in the world. I was wondering who those fourteen people were. I found this article from in the answers one of the other questions on this site; however, it only lists 12 individuals, so it's clearly not an up-to-date list. I also found this post from 2019 on an official Lego website that states that there are currently 20 Lego Certified Professionals, not 14.

Is there a complete, up-to-date list of the identities of the Lego Certified Professionals?


The most recent number of LCP's I've seen is 21 and it was announced just few days ago1.

LEGO has a page with names and some details on 15 of them only:

  1. Dirk Denoyelle
  2. Jumpei Mitsui
  3. Georg Schmitt
  4. Wani Kim
  5. Matija Puzar
  6. Nicholas Foo
  7. Rene Hoffmeister
  8. Yenchih Huang
  9. Andy Hung
  10. Ryan McNaught
  11. Robin Sather
  12. Ricardo Zangelmi
  13. Nathan Sawaya
  14. Prince (Shenghui) Jiang
  15. Wei Wei Shannon Gluckman

The other 6 people are:

  1. Luke Reveruzzi2
  2. Caspar Jensen Bennedsen3
  3. Jae Won Lee1,4,5
  4. Graeme Dymond4,6
  5. Dóczy Balázs4,7
  6. Kevin Hall4,8


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  2. https://lan.lego.com/news/overview/new-lego-certified-professional-in-middle-east-africa-r253/

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  4. https://lan.lego.com/news/overview/congratulations-to-three-lego-certified-professionals-r242/

  5. https://lan.lego.com/profile/memberprofile/?id=610

  6. https://dymondbricks.com/about/

  7. https://lan.lego.com/profile/memberprofile/?id=2686

  8. http://bricksfanz.com/new-uk-lego-certified-professional-builder-named/

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  • @Valorum, thanks for finding out the names. – Alex Apr 19 at 19:55
  • Graeme for sure is an LCP. Source: that LAN link and I know him personally. The official list page must be out of date. The most recent announcements for new LCPs have all been posted on lan.lego.com. – Mr. Shiny and New 安宇 Apr 19 at 20:59

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