I've found some pretty old Lego Duplo train track parts, that I'm looking to sell on Ebay.

As these are pretty old and caked with dust, I wanted to used my usual method I usually use to clean all kinds of Lego parts: Put them in a duvet cover with a zipper so they don't go everywhere, and put them in the washing machine, and wash without any detergent and no spin cycle.

Afterwards I take them out of the machine (thanks to the duvet cover I can take them out just like a bag) and spread them on my terrace to leave them in the sun to dry.

As these track switchers have metal springs in them (at least I think so, judging based on the sound when moving the red thing) I was not sure, if they were just normal steel or stainless. Does anyone of you know about this, or know a way to open them without destroying them?

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According to this page it is glued together and can not be opened without damaging the part

You are correct about it containing a metal spring enter image description here

I would just wipe it with a slighty wet towel

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