I have the Mindstorms NXT software and brick (CPU), and I worked with them a long time ago running NXT on a Windows XP. Now, I would like to retrieve the brick to teach my son, and I installed the NXT software on Windows 10. The application runs well, but it does not detect the brick. I have read that NXT software is not supported on Windows 10, but other sites tell that NXT works well on Windows 10. Could someone give me more details on how to install and run the NXT software on Windows 10?

  • Hmm, Did you try right-clicking the software, go to the "compatibility" tab and run it in compatibility mode for older Windows models? If this works, let me know and I'll post this as an answer. – mindstormsboi May 22 at 22:30
  • Oh, I forgot that you had to click 'properties' when you right-click. Sorry about that. – mindstormsboi May 30 at 19:10

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